Discover the Kugelblitz models

Kugelblitz 800

The original

The infamous steel ring of the Kugelblitz 800 is 10mm thick and 80cm in diameter. This design makesit ideal for smaller outdoor spaces or as anexceptional addition to your patio.

∅ Grill Ring Diameter: 80 cm

Height: 62 cm

Weight: 120 kg

Kugelblitz 1000

The big brother

Our most popular model, the design of the Big Brother is ideal for families and private homes. Safely standing at 78 cm, the flames are out of your little ones’ reach.

Additionally, you have a grilling
surface of one meter in diameter, providing ample space to grill a feast for your guests.

∅ Grill Ring Diameter: 100 cm

Height: 78 cm

Weight: 195 kg

Kugelblitz Goliatt

For hotels and restaurants

Pair succulent cuisine with a five-star experience by the open fire of the Goliath. With cooler outer walls, our smart and attractive design allows guests to enjoy a glass of wine at a comfortable temperature next to the Kugelblitz.

The spacious grill area allows you to cook for all of your guests, who won’t want to see the evening end as they enjoy the warmth of the fire and the crackling of the flames.

∅ Grill Ring Diameter: 123 cm

Height: 88 cm

Weight: 270 kg

Kugelblitz Ethos

Campfire romance

The Kugelblitz Ethos is unique in that it is ideally enjoyed while seated, bringing back all your best memories from sitting around a fire. Connoisseurs of fine grilling and romantic ambiance will surely be impressed by the feeling the Ethos creates.

This grill pairs well with our specially designed base structure, making it possible to increase the height.

∅ Grill Ring Diameter: 110 cm

Height: 54 cm

Weight: 200 kg

Kugelblitz Gothos

Grill and Fireplace

Our newest model, the Gothos is the extra-large version of the Ethos. We’ve increased the grill capacity and in turn the Gothos amplifies the unforgettable experience.

∅ Grill Ring Diameter: 123 cm

Height: 60 cm

Weight: 250 kg

Kugelblitz colours – Classic and individualized

The Kugelblitz is not just a grill but a handmade piece of art to bring to your collection.

In addition to our classic colours of black, rust and grey, you can
also individualize your grill by choosing any colour from the RAL palette.

Black matte

classic rust

platinum grey


pink matte

Kugelblitz – Accessories

In good company


These small, individual tables are simple to insert directly into the grill. They can be used as additional space for ingredients and as up-close-and-cozy
dining tables for your guests.

Handmade from fine oak.


Cutting Board, scraper, spatula

Made of beech, maple and stainless steel.

Wood rack with herb planter

Compliment your Kugelblitz with a designer shelf that allows you to keep your firewood and fresh herbs within reach.


Available in matte black I classic rust I grey

Base for the ethos Grill

A space-efficient stand that makes it possible to increase the height of the Ethos grill while also being used as a convenient wood shelf.


Available in matte black I classic rust I grey



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