The Kugelblitz philosophy

Grill. Simply.

“I have always been bothered by how timeconsuming it is to clean a grill, the possibility of grilled food tasting burnt, and the health risks associated with barbecuing”, says Weinfurtner, original creator of the Kugelblitz. “When food is
grilled directly over a fire, the fats, spices and ash mix and burn directly into the grate. When this mixture drips into the fire, carcinogens are formed and can find their way to your food in the form of smoke.

“With the Kugelblitz, food is placed directly on a smooth steel surface above the fire. Whether meat, fish or vegetables – you get an extraordinary flavour without any of the negative byproducts. After cooking, the steel grilling ring can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly with the included spatula.”


Authentic craftmanship for life

The Kugelblitz is not created for a season, but for a lifetime. In the complex crafting of each grill, topquality materials are transformed with passion.
Every product with the Kugelblitz name is born from a dedication to excellence and a desire to create a long-lasting, handcrafted piece of artwork.

Production takes place in our own metal construction company in Riedering am Simsee in Bavaria. “Every single Kugelblitz is handmade specially for each customer. Our passion for creating lasting, quality goods is the true soul of our work. That is what we give to every single Kugelblitz,” emphasizes Andreas Weinfurtner.


Design for every taste

A Kugelblitz is so much more than just a grill, but rather an investment into artistry. Its unique design and the option for individualized colors make it a
versatile piece that can compliment any architectural concept. From city apartment to mountain chalet to a world-renowned hotel, the Kugelblitz is all at once a design piece, gourmet grill and fireplace, forever transforming your experience with the flame.

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