How should I fire my Kugelblitz Grill?

Preferably with beechwood.

To produce the ideal amount of heat for grilling as well as a captivating flame, we recommend beechwood. In contrast to spruce, beech produces fewer sparks when burning, also making it safer.

How much wood do I need for grilling?


We recommend ten logs of wood for one hour of grilling. The Kugelblitz is designed so that the external vent allows for optimal air flow, creating the ideal cooking flame.

What is the best way to clean my grill?

Simply an quickly.

After grilling, use the Kugelblitz spatula to remove any remaining food. Then wipe down the steel ring with a bit of olive oil to keep it looking good as new. It is that simple.

Do I need to cover my grill to protect it from rain or snow?


The best way to care for your Kugelblitz is by using it. We recommend firing it up at least once or twice per month and then oiling the steel ring after. The beauty of our design is that the more frequently the grill is used, the more durable it becomes.

Why doesn`t the Kugelblitz use a traditional barbecue grate?

It`s healthier.

There is no limit to the variety of food that can be prepared on a Kugelblitz, and we’ve designed it with your health as a priority. On a traditional grill, fat drips into the open flame, producing carcinogens that can find their way to your food. Our design of indirect grilling prevents that and provides a safe, healthy alternative.

Does the outside of the Grill get hot? What is the risk of children getting burnt?

A grill you can touch.

Our design allows an air flow that keeps the outer shell from being impacted by the increasing heat of the fire. It remains cool to the touch, reducing the chance of burns.

How many people can I cook for on my Kugelblitz?

15 – 25 people, depending on the model. 

Its circular design adds the unique opportunity for each person to grill their own food, another example of how the Kugelblitz creates an experience like no other.

Where do the ashes go?

Collected, discretely and cleanly.

The core of the grill is equipped with a fire-resistant ash collector that simultaneously allows rainwater
to drain. It can be removed easily through the center of the ring and then emptied.

Additional questions?

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