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Pride and attention to detail are at the core of the design, construction and delivery of our grills. What makes our process unique is that every Kugelblitz is individually made for each customer using materials produced in our own metal construction company in Bavaria. This ensures that every item with the Kugelblitz name meets the highest quality standards. The process from beginning to end stays in the same hands until it is delivered, bringing our passion into your home.

Regardless of where you are, you are able to have your own piece of fine Bavarian craftsmanship. We work with customers within Germany as well as in Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy, and are continuing to expand every day.

Our products are undoubtably in a class of their own, and we stand by every item we make. For a firsthand experience, contact us about grilling together and enjoying a live Kugelblitz demonstration.

Andreas Weinfurtner

Inventor I Production I Development I Design

“Pairing passion for a fine craft with the highest quality and love for design, a simple idea becomes something truly exceptional.”

Philipp Schwarz

Events I Sales I Consulting

” Mankind has forever been fascinated by a woodburning fire. The combination of fire, design and culinary art is unbeatable.”

Sebastian Berndt

Finances I Strategy

“Few products are able to achieve what we’ve created – a perfect combination of design, functionality, and safety. The Kugelblitz does just

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