Gourmet Grill. Barbecue. Fire Pit. Kugelblitz.

By any name, it is an experience.

Function. Design. Handmade.

Risen from Fire.

Built for the flame.

Handmade in Germany.

Healthy grilling.

High-quality steel ring.

All of the taste, none of the rest.

Safe grilling.

Heat of the flame stays at the core.

Coolest fire you have ever seen.

Rooted in Fire

The discovery of fire thousands of years ago fundamentally changed how mankind experiences the world. Most notably, fire has always given us warmth, light and the ability to transform our food. We’ve taken those three concepts, combined them
with our passion for ingenuity and fine craftsmanship, and forever changed the world of grilling.

In this spirit, we bring to you the Kugelblitz Grill, a work of art that brings us back to our roots. Combining beauty, safety and class, each lighting of the fire becomes an unforgettable experience.


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Risen from Fire.

Built for the flame.

Handmade in Bavaria

Each Kugelblitz is forged in fire and handcrafted to the finest detail by a master blacksmith. Our products are expertly constructed for each customer and are driven by a passion for grilling delicious meals, ensuring that we are creating an experience for generations to come. It is truly so much more than just a grill but rather a work of art,
born from fire.

Healthy grilling

The Kugelblitz replaces the barbecue grate with a top-quality steel ring, priming your grill for the perfect cooking experience. Traditionally, when fat from your food would drip through the grate into the flame, carcinogens could form. Our design prevents this while preserving all of the taste.

Cool shell, warm heart

The Kugelblitz can safely be enjoyed by families and large gatherings thanks to our air-cooling technique. This design ensures that the outer walls stay cool to keep little fingers safe. A grill that you can literally touch. Remarkable.

Practical, year round

Grill maintenance has never been easier with the
unique steel ring of the Kugelblitz. Despite its impressive appearance, the grill can be disassembled easily into three pieces, making it simple to transport. Our top-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that your grill is rustproof, making it the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor space year-round. Cozy fires in the winter never seemed so easy.

Kugelblitz in action

Coalescence of beauty and joy


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As legend goes, Matthias Schwarz was cooking before he could walk. For this culinary connoisseur, the art of food preparation is a passion meant to be
shared. Watch as this professional chef puts the Kugelblitz into action and demonstrates the world of possibilities it offers. You can learn more about his demonstrations at Matthias-kocht.com and Culinic.com

Top chef Martin Rehmann has been welcoming guests in his restaurant Rait`ner Wirt in Schleching, Bavaria since 2018.

After beginning to use the Kugelblitz professionally, this chef’s culinary experience has profoundly changed.

“As a solo chef I can cook for up to 50 guests at the
same time. The Kugelblitz is also simple to clean. It
is undoubtably an asset to the culinary world.”

It is Impossible to imagine our restaurant without the Kugelblitz.


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